Welcome to the PokémonTCG Decks Wiki! On this wiki, everyone can make a page with his or her own created deck! And much more you can find on this wiki!

How to build a deck page?

1. First, you add a picture form the boss of the deck (If your deck have more bosses, add the others each). Example: Pikachu, the boss of Pikaia. The Pokémon and the deck changes by different decks. (Pikachu and Pikaia are the things that are other by different decks, the other words are always the same).

2. Use heading 2 and type the word: "Decklist".

3. Make the decklist.

4. Descrip the strategy for your deck.

5. If you want, add with heading 2: "Trivia".

For more information, visit: How to build a Deck Page? .


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