Lugia Card

Lugia-EX, the boss of Frenzy Air.


Lugia-EX (Black & White-Plasma Storm 108/135 en 134/135) x2

Meganium (HeartGold & SoulSilver 109/123) x1

Bayleef (Call of Legends 40/95) x2

Chikorita (Call of Legends 53/95) x4

Emboar (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 26/149) x1

Pignite (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 25/149) x2

Tepig (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 24/149) x3

Venusaur (Black & White—Dark Explorers 1/108) x1

Ivysaur (Black & White—Dark Explorers 2/108) x2

Bulbasaur (Black & White—Dark Explorers 1/108) x3

Torterra (Black & White-Plasma Storm 3/135) x1

Grotle (Black & White-Plasma Storm 2/135) x2

Turtwig (Black & White-Plasma Storm 1/135) x3

Gold Potion (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 140/149) x1

Pokémon Communication (Black & White 99/114) x2

Potion (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 132/149) x3

Super Rod (BW-Noble Victories 95/101) x2

Max Potion (Black & White—Next Destinies 86/99) x2

Cilan (Black & White—Next Destinies 86/99) x2

Giant Cape (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 114/124) x2

Rare Candy (Black & White—Dark Explorers 100/108) x1

Plasma Energy (Black & White-Plasma Storm 127/135) x4

Fire Energy x7

Grass Energy x7

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