White Kyurem Card

White Kyurem, the boss of Basic Gold.


Cardlist          Edit

White Kyurem (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 102/149) x2

Salamence (Dragon Vault 8/20) x1

Shelgon (Dragon Vault 7/20) x2

Bagon (Dragon Vault 6/20) x3

Druddigon (Black & White-Plasma Storm 94/135) x2

Charizard (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 20/149) x1

Charmeleon (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 19/149) x2

Charmander (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 18/149) x3


  • Basic Gold is the only Basic Deck that contains more than two types. The other decks contains only for an example Water, and some Fire and Normal.

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